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5 Wearables That Will Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

Thinking of getting fit? Many people are trying to get their exercise routines on track, so there are plenty of new techniques that can help you track your progress. With wearables from brands like Apple, Garmin, WHOOP, OURA, and Wahoo, tracking your workouts, steps, and heart rate has never been easier. But which fitness tracker is right for you? To help you decide which one is best for you, we’ve looked at some of the most popular portable fitness equipment.


Five Wearables to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals
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Whoop isn’t about hardware, it’s about experience. Instead of focusing on wrist devices, Whoop focuses on giving members access to a large community dedicated to fitness and wellness.

Join a team of friends, family, and other athletes on the Whoop app by purchasing a monthly subscription between $18 and $30 per month.

Members can also create custom teams based on their sporting interests.

Whoop is perfect for those who have found success with community-based fitness tracking without wanting to receive notifications or calls on their wrist devices.

Five Wearables to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals
Image Source : WikiHow

When you sign up as a paid member, you receive a 24/7 Whoop wrist device that provides daily analytics across mobile and desktop apps. These analyzes and benefits will help you recover, train and improve your sleep style.

sleep. Monitor your sleep patterns, get daily sleep recommendations, and get accurate tracking every night.

turn. Webb defines “stress” as “the body’s daily stress”, which can be affected not only by exercise, but also by mental and emotional stress. The stress function can help prevent physical and mental fatigue.

Recovery. It is the general state of the body and its daily preparation.

This device is discreet and does not have a screen strap.

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You have access to the entire Whoop community.

come ring the bell

Five Wearables to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals
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“Personal perception and award-winning design around your finger. “ Designed to be worn 24/7, our OURA rings are elegant and unique. This is a fitness tracker designed to look like a regular ring.

Instead of collecting data about your workouts and workouts, the OURA Ring tracks your overall health, both mental and physical.

The rings are available in matte silver, gold, black or gray and range from $299 to $999.

Five Wearables to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals
Image Source : WikiHow

Download the OURA mobile app and connect your ring. The mobile app displays three simple scores: readiness, sleep, and activity. With a battery life of 5-7 days, it’s stylish while tracking sleep, calories, and steps.

Get prepared. This score is an overall measure of recovery calculated from the previous night’s sleep pattern. This score determines how relaxed you are and how ready you are for the challenge.

sleep. This report shows you your sleep patterns, stages and rest times, and suggests ways to improve your sleep quality.

exercise. Measuring your overall activity throughout the day, OURA’s activity reports include calories burned, moves per hour, steps taken, and more.

It focuses on improving your habits and your overall health.

This discreet ring is small and elegant.

garmin phoenix 6

Five Wearables to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals
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The ultimate training tracker, the Garmin Fenix ​​6 can handle just about anything you throw at it. Described as rugged yet sophisticated, the Garmin Fenix ​​6 is aimed at multi-sport players.

This watch can track data for runners, skiers, cyclists, surfers, and any other athlete you can think of.

Starting at $549.99 to $849.99 depending on size and version, these trackers may be an investment, but they’re worth it for anyone looking to improve their athleticism.

Five Wearables to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals
Image Source : WikiHow

Fenix ​​6 also lets you update your workouts by planning your pace, setting routes, and syncing music from your streaming devices.

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heart rate; Working on land and in the water, the wrist-based heart rate monitor tracks activity intensity and heart rate variability, and tracks exercise and stress levels.

Keep track of humidity. Keep track of your water level by recording your daily water intake. Turn on automatic hydration goals to receive hydration reminders throughout the day.

Daily exercise tips. We take your fitness level into account and receive daily suggestions for running and hiking based on your training load and activity status.

sleep monitoring The watch provides detailed reports on sleep phases and quality, oxygen levels and breathing data during the night.

resistant and waterproof

Long battery life up to 14 days

It focuses on intense activity and quality of healing.

wahoo ticker

Five Wearables to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals
Image Source : WikiHow

Wahoo Tickr is perfect for runners or cyclists looking for an easy way to track their heart rate and calories burned. The Tickr, a belt worn around the stomach, is designed to be worn only during exercise.

This tracker provides basic stats and is great for anyone new to tracking their workouts or just in need of basic stats.

One of the lightest and thinnest tracker models on the market, the Tickr is barely noticeable during workouts, but its excellent stats can be relied upon.

The Tickr is also priced low at $49.99 and comes in two color options, white or gray.

Five Wearables to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals
Image Source : WikiHow

Connect Tickr to your phone via Bluetooth and use the Tickr mobile app to track your heart rate, calories burned and workout time.

heart rate; Provides up-to-date statistics for high heart rate.

calories burned. After your workout, the app estimates your calorie burn based on your heart rate and workout duration.

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Extend your training. Track your workout time with the heart rate feature.

Affordable price, easy to use yet effective for tracking

Basic stats are great for runners and cyclists right from the start.

apple watch series 6

Five Wearables to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals
Image Source : WikiHow

Apple Watch is one of the most popular fitness trackers and also the most complete. With its sleek, modern design and the ability to customize the watch strap, many people wear Apple Watch outside of exercise.

Sync notifications with your watch and receive messages and calls right on your wrist!

Prices range from $399 to $429. (Great for iPhone customers.)

If you’re looking for a simple tracker, the Apple Watch isn’t for you, but if you want a device that can act as a fitness tracker and receive notifications to keep you as up to date as possible, the Apple Watch is it. Position. Your entrance!

Five Wearables to Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals
Image Source : WikiHow

Apple Watch Series 6 offers all the essential health features of a fitness tracker, plus features no other tracker can match.

blood oxygen A blood oxygenation report, a key indicator of overall health, can help you understand how well your body is absorbing oxygen and how much oxygen is being delivered to it.

electrocardiogram. Built-in electrodes on the back of the watch can track your heart rate and indicate whether your heart is beating irregularly or normally.

sleep. The Sleep app allows you to create a regular sleep schedule and track the quality of your sleep.

Training suggestions and fitness tracking. Receive offers for all types of training, yoga and running. Bicycle, whatever. The fitness tracker records your workout duration, intensity level, heart rate, and calories burned.

All-in-one fitness tracker and mobile notifications

Customizable, sleek and stylish, yet durable enough for everyday use.

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