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Mid Tower Or Full Tower: Which Do You Need?

Do you want to buy a new computer and plug it into any size case? Choosing between a full or mid-size tower can be confusing because there’s so much to consider, but this will make your choice easier!

What is the difference between normal size and medium size?

Mid Tower or Full Tower: Which One Do You Need?
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Although these two types are distinguished primarily by their size, they also have other uses. The size you choose depends more on your computer plan than the actual size.

Medium-sized towers are typically 17-18 inches tall, but are primarily used for Internet browsing and gaming.

The full-size cabinet measures around 20 to 22 inches and is used more for CPU-intensive tasks like Illustrator video editor.

If you’re running CPU-intensive tasks like video editing or streaming, or playing and streaming at the same time, a full-size, water-cooled tower is your best bet. If you’re just gaming, a mid tower might be right for you.

What are the advantages of a full size tower?

Mid Tower or Full Tower: Which One Do You Need?
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Full-size towers are useful for high-CPU tasks like video editing or streaming services. Full-size towers are huge, so you can usually fit most devices inside and some water cooling. It also has good overall airflow ability, which can effectively cool computers that tend to overheat, such as video editing.

Full-size towers generally have better cooling, more optical drive space, more storage space, and room for more video cards than the average case, but they are much more expensive.

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It’s also heavier (not as portable as the midbox), taller (which can be a problem if you don’t have a lot of space), and prone to dead spots (there can be areas where the fan can’t move). Stretch to keep the air flowing.)

If you are using a full size turret, you should use all available fan vents to ensure there are no hot air pockets inside the case.

Which Medium Rise Is Best For You?

Mid Tower or Full Tower: Which One Do You Need?
Image Source : WikiHow

Medium sized towers are generally used for gaming. There’s plenty of room for around 2-3 GPUs, 6-8 expansion slots, and 2-3 motherboards that most modern games require. The medium case has better airflow management because it is very small and can accommodate up to 6 fans.

The middle case is much smaller than the full tower case, so there is not enough space to support the liquid cooling system. But if you plan to play, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Liquid cooling systems really only benefit from cooling hot CPUs by running high CPU processes. Mid-size towers provide maximum airflow and can effectively cool your computer.

size considerations

Mid Tower or Full Tower: Which One Do You Need?
Image Source : WikiHow

You want the panel to fit around everything while still allowing room for airflow. Please check your motherboard to find the minimum size you need. The tower must be compatible with the motherboard. Otherwise it won’t fit. Choosing a taller tower will give you more room to manage cables, additional GPUs, or water cooling pipes.

Standard ATX models, the most common motherboards, fit mid-to-full-size towers.

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